Welcome to Porslinan

Here you can watch concerts, movies, play X-box, do your homework, play pool, band practice in the rehearsal room, use our computers, check out art from young local artists, buy a coffee and a cake (in Sweden we call that fika), play board games and much more stuff.

We also have a lot of board games and regularly we run special nights when we only play board games. While other evenings we have LAN-nights. There is something for everyone to do here at Porslinan.

In our cafe, you will find refreshments for decent prices and in the evening, we can fix simple dishes like nacho platter and hot sandwiches.

Everyone are welcome to us, regardless of age, but our activities is primarily for young people aged 13-25.

We are also open to new ideas, if you have any new ideas for us, please talk to us that’s work here, or to the board of Porslinan. Did you know that the board consist of only young people?

You can find more information about us all about us.

Membership fee / semester is only 30 SEK


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